“Vogi-Nairi” Fine Arts Center was founded in 1998 in Stepanakert and is mainly aimed at publishing high-value works of art and culture and organizing various innovative artistic events. Since 2002 the center has been publishing the literary-translation magazine “Գեղarm”, and until June 2020 has been already published 65 issues. Since 2010 the center has been publishing a series of literature in translation, so until today more than 50 books have been published, most of them are in Russian and Chinese literature and culture which are translated into Armenian for the first time. A qualified group of Artsakh translators support the works of the Center and the most of the Center’s publishing projects. In this program also are included a number of well-known and newly recognized talented translators from Armenia and the Diaspora. Writers and translators N. Atabekyan, V. Fereshetyan, H. Aleksanyan, Kh. Gasparyan, A. Atabekyan, Ch. Kocharyan, L. Ghazaryan, G.Bakhtamyan, S. Stepanyan and others are actively involved in the projects of the center. Both the “Գեղarm” magazines and the published books are distributed in Artsakh’s educational and cultural institutions, army units, as well as in Armenia and in the Diaspora.
“Vogi-Nairi” Publishing House has initiated and implemented a number of valuable translation programs aimed at introducing Armenian readers to worldwide foreign authors, as well as introducing them to the best works of the world literature. During the period of 2010-20 the center implemented a dozen of significant projects of Russian, Western and Chinese literature, in particular, “Russian Conceptual Poetry”, “Plays from Western Literature”, “Chrestomathy of Chinese Culture”, “Modern Russian Free Verse”, “Russian Dissident Poetry”, two documentary novels dedicated to Lev Tolstoy, V. Grossman’s two-volume novel “Life and Fate”, the anthology “Russian Story of the Twentieth Century”. The first seven volumes of the book “The Basic Concepts of Chinese Thought and Culture” have been translated into Armenian also by the publishing house; the books present to the Armenian readers the key ideas of Chinese history and culture, the features of the language and thinking, and the panorama of cultural development. With undertaking of “Vogi Nairi” have been published the works dedicated to certain spheres of Chinese literature and culture (philosophy, traditional rituals, literature) in Armenian translations: Yijie Tang “Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and Chinese Culture”, Dong Qiang “Marriage”, “Festivals”, “Dwellings”, Wan Cuoliang “Degrees of Affinity”, Wu Chun, “Chinese culture; philosophy” etc. The publishing house has published the works by such prominent authors as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Fyodor Sologub, Syun Shi-i, Mikhail Bakhtin, Yuri Lotman, Andrei Platonov, Pavel Florensky, Andrei Bely, Ingeborg Bachmann, Varlam Shalamov, Joseph Brodsky, Sergei Dovlatov, Jidi Majia, Gwyneth Lewis, Yu Jian and others.
In recent years, on the initiative of the center have been organized a number of exhibitions in the innovative style of decorative-theatrical form, showing the potential of creative artists in Artsakh in a new way.
The representatives of the center took part in various cultural events in Artsakh, Armenia and abroad. In particular, the individuals actively cooperating with the center have participated in international literary and cultural events in Stepanakert, Yerevan, Moscow, Poland, Colombia, China and elsewhere.
The founder and the director of the center is a poet, translator, Doctor of Philological Sciences Hrant Alexanyan.


List of the most significant translations from foreign literature into Armenian, published by Vogi-Nairi Fine Arts Center



Theatrical Plays from Western Literature  – 2010

Joseph Brodsky, Cloudburst Noise /Poetry, poems, essays/ – 2011

Mikhail Bakhtin, Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics – 2012

Pipers of Syrius /V.Khlebnikov, N.Gumilyov, V.Khodasevich – Poems/ – 2012

Sergey Dovlatov, The March of the Single People /Short Stories/ – 2012

Yuri Lotman, Myth. Name. Culture – 2012

Varlam Shalamov, Kolyma Tales – 2012

Zharko Milenich, Leon, The Wizard’s Pupil /Tale-Novel/ – 2013

Pavel Florensky, Ikonostas – 2014

Russian Conceptual Poetry / D.Prigov, V.Nekrasov, L.Rubinstein/ – 2014

Genrikh Sapgir, The Parallel Man  /Poems/ – 2014

Vasily Grossman, Life and Fate /Novel/ – 2014

The Riot of Bridges – Metametaphorists / Anthology of Poems/ – 2015

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Matryona’s Home / Stories/ – 2015

Andrei Platonov,  Chevengur. Gub. Short Stories – 2015

Modern Russian Vers Libre (Anthology of Poems) – 2015

Chrestomathy of Chinese Culture – 2015

Jidi Majia, Words of Fire /Poems/ – 2015

Ma Kai, Echoes of Heart / Poems/ – 2015

Eugene Vodolazkin, Lavr /Novel/ – 2015

Kai Tiansin, The Song of Peaceful Life / Poems/ – 2015

Russian Dissident Poetry (Anthology of  Poems) – 2015

Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture (Volumes 1-9) – 2016-2021

Yu Jian, Bird Sheltering from Rain / Poems/ – 2016

Pavel Basinsky, Leo Tolstoy. Flight from Paradise/Documentary novel/ – 2016

Zhan Ci-Yan, Ocean of Dreams /Poems/ – 2016

Van Zenchky, The Love Story of a Young Monk – 2016

Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, Love. Happiness. Requiem  (Short Stories) – 2016

Andrey Bely, Petersburg /Novel/ – 2016

Dicorosses. Shelter of Unknown Poets (Anthology of Poems) – 2016

Russian Minimalists (Anthology of Poems) – 2016

Yijie Tang, Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese Culture – 2016

Syun Shi-i, The Bridge of Heaven /Novel/ – 2016

Dong Kiang, Marriage /Ethnography/ – 2017

Dong Kiang, Residence / Ethnography/ – 2017

Ingeborg Bachmann, The Thirtieth Year /Short stories and Poems/ – 2017

Jidi Majia, From the Leopard to Mayakovski /Poems and Speeches/ – 2017

Andrey Volos, Return to Panjrud /Novel/ – 2017

Dong Kiang, Funeral /Ethnography/ – 2017

Dong Kiang, Festivals / Ethnography/ – 2017

Dong Kiang, Food /Ethnography/ – 2017

Siao Cian, The Dragon Beards Versus the Blueprints /Literary Studies/ – 2017

Wan Cuoliang, Degrees of Affinity /Literary Studies/ – 2017

Fyodor Sologub, The Petty Demon /Novel/ – 2018

Wu Chun, Chinese Culture. Philosophy – 2018

Sun Weixsin, Zhu Xu, Highlights of China- Chinese World Heritages – 2018

Twentieth Century Russian Short Stories /Anthology/ – 2019

The Salty Voice /Anthology of  Short Stories by Chinese writers of the post-80s of the twentieth century/ – 2019

Gwyneth Lewis, Chaotic Angels /poems/ – 2020
Pavel Basinsky, Leo Tolstoy. Is a free Man/Documentary novel/ – 2020

Tsering Norbu, The Released Sheep/stories/ -2020


Reflections On Hong Kong: – 2020

Confucius, The Analects -2020

Maria Grech Ganado, “Framed” /poems/ – 2021

Elisabet Kristín Jokulsdottir, LOVE, A NERVOUS WRECK. NO DANCING AT COALFISHROCK /poems/ – 2021

Alexey Varlamov, THOUGHT WOLF /novel/ – 2021

Michal Ajvaz, THE OTHER CITY /novel/ – 2021

Immanuel Mifsud, JUTTA HEIM /novel/ – 2021

Nikola Đuretic, The Almanac of Death and Disappearance /stories/ – 2022

Key Concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine – 2022

Slavenka Drakulic, Frida’s bed /novel/ – 2022

Sigismund Krzhizhanovsky, MEMORY OF THE FUTURE /stories/ – 2022